Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deployment and Johnny Update

Johnny is doing awesome. We've hit the 6 month mark and y'all, I'm about out of patience with this deployment and I know Johnny is too. The weather has primarily been fairly chilly there and out of nowhere, it turned HOT one day last week and he's been sweating every since. All Johnny can do is laugh right now because he knows that it is just a taste of what is yet to come...say...mid-July. OH MAN. Let's just say there is a good possibility that 90 degrees will seem cool compared to the temperatures they'll be living in.

He is staying extremely busy with work which is a good thing because it doesn't give him much down time to be homesick or realize how crappy the circumstances really are, yet it keeps him pretty stressed out and annoyed most of the time as well.

His biggest complaint is really just that he can't get away from everyone. He is completely surrounded all of the time 24/7 with the same people. He tries to take a break from work and goes to the gym to work out and the same people are there, he goes and eats and there they all are again, he takes a shower and it's the same people in the bath area....you get the idea. Besides locking himself in his room all day, which typically just leaves him homesick and lonely and he never really has the opportunity to do that anyways, he is always surrounded by the same people. He tried to get me to understand the feeling by making me imagine going into work in the morning and then NEVER LEAVING for a year. Thinking about that literally makes my chest tighten up immediately. SO - I think besides that one aspect....he is doing awesome....and even with that he is handling it all really well.

He has remained an amazing husband even while halfway across the world at war. He makes every effort to call every day if he can, even if it is just to say hi and I love you. We're not naive to think that this distance, the stress of being at war and the amount of time he's gone couldn't affect our marriage....but we are doing everything we can to stay connected, and committed to keeping our marriage strong and focused on God, and remain crazy, madly, deeply in love.

He should hopefully be heading home around the first part of May for his 2-week R&R. We couldn't be more excited! The thought of seeing him for the first time in 7 months literally brings tears to my eyes. I hope our two weeks together will renew us enough to make it through the remaining 5 months. I just want this deployment to be over. Enough is enough already!

Here are a few pictures of my studly soldier...Enjoy!

This picture was pre-promotion to Captain!

The white stuff on the ground is C4...they packed it in
there by hand and are getting ready to blow stuff up!

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Jess Hall said...

I hope your two weeks together are everything you want, and so much more Amanda and Johnny - you two are amazing xxxx