Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Land-Line Phones

Hi. What you are about to read could come across as bitter and/or annoyed and/or ridiculous. I'm just warning you.

When my sweet husband and I bought our first home, he wanted to make sure we had an alarm system to keep me [somewhat] protected while he was away. Well, one of the MAJOR components to getting this new alarm system set up, was a land-line. I HATE LAND-LINES. Not to mention your average person doesn't use a land-line anymore because cell phones are now literally attached to people's ears. We don't need a land-line, we don't use a land-line and I certainly didn't want to pay $30 extra a month for something I had no use for. Guess who lost that battle. Me.

The "great deal" of $35.99 a month quickly jumped to $61.99 because the only reason we were paying for that stupid land-line was for the alarm system. Dumb.

I don't even know the number to own house phone. I am dead serious! I happened to be home one day and it rang. That phone NEVER rings. I mean N-E-V-E-R-R-I-N-G-S. It actually kind of frightened me when it rang because I had no clue where it was coming from. So I answered it and the woman said, "Is Betty there?" Umm, unless you are affectionately referring to me as Betty Crocker, no, no Betty here. Then she asked, "Is this 912-893-6789" (or something like that) and I just said, "No it isn't." BUT I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT OUR NUMBER IS!!!! The number she said could have very well been our number, but I couldn't even tell you a single digit that's in it. So ridiculous.

I am definitely a little bitter about the land-line. But I am thankful for our alarm system. There have been many nights since Johnny has been gone that I have heard some weird noises but was reassured that if it was someone breaking into my home our alarm would have already woken up the entire neighborhood.

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Bradly Jones said...

very hilarious. well don't just banish Land line phone like that. you know, the older generation use this as thier main means of communication, even making cheap international calls from landline phone when necessary. It depends on the age group, as people within 40-50 use a cell phone often, 25-40 use the cell phone, and the internet almost to conduct their everyday affairs, 13-24 solely depend more on facebook, skype and other such VoIP softwares to communicate. i still feel you on that though, i have a landline phone at home and it's only used once a year when my grand mom comes to take care of the kids. atleast you found yours, i spent 3 calls just looking for the damn thing.