Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Ready...

It's almost time to welcome the man back home. I think it is actually starting to sink in finally. It is such a mixture of emotions....excitement, anxiousness, a little nervous, lots of happy tears, and relief. Would it be terrible for me to say that it's hard for me to remember what life was like when he was home? I had to email him this morning to find out what kind of soap he uses these days so I could stock the bathroom with his products again. What a weird feeling to not know what kind of soap your husband uses.

He is officially out of Iraq and currently waiting in Kuwait for his flight home. He sent me an email yesterday once they arrived to Kuwait after packing up and saying good-bye to the only "home" he's known for the past year. He said, "I am glad to be out of that place. It was weird leaving; It was like moving out of an take one last look around and hope that wherever you go next is better, and hope to never go back there again."

Below is a video my mom sent me this morning with the disclaimer to not watch it at work because it was a tear-jerker, the happy kind. Well, everything is a tear-jerker these days; I am so my mother's daughter! And of course I didn't listen to her because I watched it as soon as I got into the office!

My favorite part on the video is when he points to the soldier and says "You ARE the man!"

What an exciting time...he's coming home...and he is actually gonna stay put for awhile!!


Sarah B. said...

Well, I didn't want you to be alone in this so I watched it at work and had to close my office sooo happy for you that he is almost there.
Thank you for your service as the wife of a soldier!

Jess Hall said...

soooo crazily happy for you on the other side of the World!! XXX