Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

It's December 9th and it's currently 80 degrees with approximately 4,000% humidity. YUK! Boy, do I miss the snow and the cold air that smacks you in the face as soon as you step outside. I'm sure one of these days I am going to be eating these words because with my luck the Army will probably station us in Alaska or Antarctica!

I have so many pictures to post it's ridiculous. Johnny and I just got back on Monday from a weekend get-away in Charlotte, NC. For his birthday in August I bought him David Allan Coe (DAC) concert tickets for this past weekend. When I bought them, I remember thinking to myself, "December is so far away, it stinks we have to wait so long to enjoy the concert." HA! Those four months flew by and now here we are with Christmas right around the corner. The concert was great and we were so pumped up from the excitement of a live concert that we were actually the last ones to leave. And no, I'm not embarrassed by that statement in case you were wondering! Luckily, DAC has mellowed out a bit and didn't sing any of his crude/gross songs that he used to sing back in the was just good ol' Outlaw country music.

We had such a great weekend and ate delicious food all weekend long and shopped at what I consider the best mall in existence...South Park Mall. I loved being back in Charlotte and being able to spend a few hours on Monday in Rock Hill, SC where I spent four pivotal years of my life at Winthrop University. I had the silliest grin on my face the entire time we drove around Rock Hill and the campus, reminiscing about all the good memories I made there.

I'm off to primp and beautify myself for my work's Christmas Party tonight.

Oh! If you need any gift ideas, check out THIS POST from last year!

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