Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart

Happy 2nd Anniversary to the best man I've ever known!

I am so excited that we are actually able to be together for this anniversary. I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips and we are headed to dinner tonight at one of our favorite restaurants downtown. Last year we decided that we would save the big gifts and/or big celebrations/trips for the every-five year anniversary. But I still wanted to get him a little something today. So, in keeping with the traditional second anniversary gift, I went with all-things COTTON! I made him a card out of 100% cotton paper and then got him a new bow tie (100% pure cotton, of course!) and new (cotton) dress socks with a sign in the box that read "I love you from head to toe!"

I can't seem to stop thinking about our wedding day. Even last night I found myself thinking, "This time two years ago we were at the church rehearsing...." I think anniversaries are intended to be spent reminiscing about the day and more importantly the vows that were made.

Johnny and I have weathered many storms during the first two years of our marriage. Only being together for about 6 of those 24 months, we have endured Ranger School, a year deployment and the dreaded "adjustment period." But thankfully, God has his hand on our marriage and we didn't give up even during the toughest of times, and we have come out of all that stronger and more seasoned for the rest of life's ups and downs. I have more respect and love for him today than I did on our wedding day and quite frankly, two years ago, I didn't think that was possible!

So, to the man I dream of when we are apart, and cherish when we are together - I LOVE YOU, Always and Forever!


Minstrel Incognito said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!M so happy for you guys!!!!!! :) Nothing better than a great love story... May your love only grow stronger in years to come!!! :)

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Christy Harris said...

Hi, Amanda! I'm a blogger too...but my first love is being an ARMY WIFE also! I have a few years experience...17 to be exact...and I'm happy I found your blog. So sweet...it's very pretty and a sweet place for me to spend a couple of minutes!

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Ritika Dhingra said...

many many congratulations!! that was a sweet post. I love your take on anniversaries.. <3 may God bless you both :)

Anonymous said...
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Becky M said...

I found your blg through the "next blog" function, and I just have to tell you the picture you've posted here is the absolute BEST wedding day picture I've ever seen. I just love it.