Saturday, July 4, 2009

Land of the Free Because of the Brave

Happy 4th of July!

This time last year Johnny and I were in Columbus, GA while he caught up on some much needed sleep, filled his belly with as much food as he could manage, and soaked his poison ivy ridden legs in some sort of smelly medicine before he had to report back to Ft. Benning for Ranger School. I can't believe that was a year ago!

I have always loved America and felt blessed to live in a country where we have so many rights and such freedom. I remember a moment a few years ago when I was so overcome with pride for my country that I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I was flying home from Australia where I had lived for six glorious months and as we were rounding out the 18 hour flight and soaring above the big blue ocean, the pilot came over head and said, "Welcome to the United States of America." I have never been so happy to hear those words and I didn't even realize they would mean that much to me.

Since then, I've become an Army wife and our rights and freedoms that we are so blessed to have here in America have taken on a whole new meaning to me. I know I can speak for Johnny as well when I say IT'S OUR HONOR TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY. Thank you to the rest of the soldiers who the serve and the families who support them.

Happy Birthday America!


Lindsey said...

Such a great post!!

Alex K said...

Great post Amanda! AND I love the new layout. CUTE CUTE!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I always get teary when I hear Proud to be an American.

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