Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards!!

I couldn't pass up the great promotion that Shutterfly is doing this year. They are offering 50 FREE Christmas cards if you write a post on your blog about the promotion and fill out a quick and simple form found here. I am always up for free stuff, especially when it's as easy as this! Just look at how cute and varied their designs are...there really is something for everyone's style.

My family has been using Shutterfly for years as a way to share pictures. They always have great quality prints when you order them from the site and their site is super user-friendly! Not only do they have super cute designs for all holidays and themes, and they offer tons of products you can personalize for gifts. One of Johnny's favorite Christmas gifts he received while he in Iraq was a calendar that I made filled with pictures from home. I was even able to personalize a specific date with a picture....it couldn't have been easier for him to tell when everyone's birthday was because their face was right there in the date box!

Our Christmas cards this year are a combination of "Merry Christmas" and "We've Moved"...might as well kill two birds with one stone, ya know?!! Shutterfly is always my first stop when I need cards or a personalized product, so this promotion was a no-brainer for me...I knew it would be easy to talk about how great they are!

If you have a blog, take advantage of this! It's a great way to save some money this holiday season!!


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