Friday, August 8, 2008

Mt. Yonah and Regular Wife Life Happenings

I have partly been waiting on another letter from Johnny before I updated you on his happenings, but that hasn't happened yet, so I'll tell you what I know! His letters have definitely been few and far between during this phase, so it is really teaching me a thing or two about patience and not letting my vivid imagination get the best of me. Two things I'm not very good at :)

The last letter I received from him he was on the top of this.....

Doing this....

And some of this too....

Here is a prettier shot of Mt. Yonah where Ranger Webb has spent the majority of his time thus far during Phase 2.
He got a GO! on the 1.8 mile ruck march where they ascended from about 900 ft. to over 1300 ft. He said it was very tough at some parts but when he reached the top, the view was amazing. He said it was comforting to see civilization down below. He said the terrain with 80+ lbs. of additional weight on his back is at times scary; he used trees to pull himself up, then get in front of it so he wouldn't fall down the mountain. Surprisingly, it is cold up there! I find that so odd but it could be because I don't really remember what cold feels like considering the 110 degree weather we've been having in Savannah lately! I'm not sure if it's cold just when the sun isn't up (I'd assume so), but he said he's very cold and it's super windy there. In his letters he talks a lot about eating....anything and everything! He is already starting his "lists" of things he wants to eat and do when he gets home!

After they learned climbing and mountaineering techniques, they had military training classes on other techniques. I'm assuming it was on planning and running missions, being ambushed, etc. while on a mountain because they have had 4 days this past week of student led patrols/ ambushes/raids and then 5 days of the same thing next week. I wonder if they get attacked in the middle of the night while they are in mid-climb up the mountain face and then they have to fight back....see, again with the vivid imagination. He really should just be more specific, then I wouldn't have to make up my own stories!

I really hope to get something in the mail from him soon. I hate going this long in-between letters. He still seems to be staying very positive and focusing on God throughout this testing...which I couldn't ask for anything more! And he said that I was the best Army wife/regular wife ever. haha! I love the "slash regular wife" part. haha.

Let's see, what else has been happening in my "regular wife" life?

I finished painting my downstairs half-bath....what do you think?! Isn't it FUN?! (Please excuse the toilet plunger that I've never noticed until this picture, yet am very embarrassed it's there. gross. why is it there?)

Oh yes....and THIS happened! It was Elena's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Christy and Andy threw a great party to help celebrate her big #1 complete with her own two-tier chocolate cake!

It was also me and Johnny's 6 month wedding anniversary last Saturday. I can't believe it's already been1/2 a year since that incredible day took place. I watched all 2 hours of our wedding video last night and it was pure medicine to my soul! I had been kind of down the past few days (ok, two weeks...whatever!) and it livened me right back up! I'm not sure why I didn't pop that baby in the DVD player two months ago when he first left, but I'm pretty sure I'll be watching it every night for the next 27 days until Johnny's Graduation!! If he continues to get GO's! on his missions and tests and doesn't recycle, I'll be looking at my husband's face on September 5. Oh man, I'm excited!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Army/Regular Wife

New Title: RANGER Wife

R - Ready for her man to come home
A - Always proud of his hard work
N - Never forgetting it will be
worth it
G - Getting their lil nest ready
for his return by painting &
decorating & for Johnny
getting GO's
E - Excitedly counting DOWN the
days til he returns - 27,26,25
R - Regularly checking the mail box

Anonymous said...

Elena is so o o cute!
xxoo, Teresa