Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life is Good!!

Amazing. Yesterday was that is...when I got to see JOHNNY!!! I am one happy girl :) We got spend a good portion of the day together yesterday and I just stared at him all day long because I couldn't believe it was really him!! And...I don't have a single picture to share with you. Bad blogger Amanda, very bad. Will take some today...promise...and will definitely be taking some at Graduation tomorrow.

But here is my question. We want to go an a little trip sometime soon. Like a long-weekend getaway. But not being from Savannah, I don't know a ton of places within driving distance that would be a good get-away spot. Any ideas?? We don't want to spend a lot of money and don't want to drive more than 7ish hours to get to our destination. So tell me all of your ideas...please and thank you!


Sarah B. said...

No were just too busy doing the googly I miss you thing. :) So I don't know anything about the east coast but I have always wanted to visit Wilmington, NC and it is just under 5 hrs from Savannah. The only reason I have even heard of that place is because that is where Dawson's Creek was just thought it was always so cute and quaint and an ideally peaceful location.

TERESA said...

Wilmington is a great idea Sarah! I was thinking Williamsburg might be fun to go back to, it is pretty this time of year, or even up to Charlotte, for some night life and good food, or the mountains of NC for leaves changing colors. Roanoke would give you a free place to stay, just not much furniture! :)