Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sorry for being MIA!!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for being MIA since last week. As you can imagine, I've been a bit distracted! :) It is SO NICE having Johnny home again. He is adjusting well and has been very busy at work this week.

While we are still celebrating his HUGE accomplishment, we are also gearing up for deployment. Today has been a tough day because we pretty much got final word that he will be deploying in two and a half weeks with his unit. They are headed to Iraq for a year. I truly can not comprehend those words....Iraq for a YEAR. I know this is part of the job and it was only a matter of time before he got deployed, and I should be happy it's not 18 months, it's just that...he JUST got home. So I'm a little out of it today, but didn't want another day to pass without posting something!

Click HERE to view the pictures from Johnny's Ranger Graduation. There was an hour-long demonstration before the actual ceremony where they showed all sorts of things the soldiers did throughout the 3 phases. It was full of explosives and weapons and combatives and jumping out of black hawk' was very entertaining! And I got to pin his Ranger Tab on which meant so much to me because that is what they worked so hard for! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Jess Hall said...

Congrats Johnny - your ranger badge looks great :) Well deserved. Amanda I know you will hold up for a year... I will email you HEAPS to distract you! All the best Johnny and keep safe xx

Jess Hall said...

The photos were amazing!! I was scared looking at the one involving ppl hanging from the helicopter!! You looked gorgeous Amanda, and I loved seeing how proud you and his parents were... I think my fave photo was the one were JOhnny was poking his tongue out!! xx

Sarah B. said...

How big is that both look so happy. Hopefully you will be able to spend lots of quality time together before he leaves again. Just keep yourself busy and the time will fly by.