Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pennies and Nickels

One of my biggest pet peeves is bad customer service. It really gets under my skin. I feel like every errand I've done in the past week has been so difficult because of the attitudinal people that work there. Why are people so angry and rude? I think they need a little dose of Jesus. I'm just saying.

Let me tell you this fun little story about my trip to the bank today. Johnny (and I) received 5 rolls of quarters from his aunt and uncle. (Thank you very much by the way for them!!) It's something that they've always done, as long as Johnny can remember. So I took them to the bank today (I will protect the guilty and keep them anonymous here, but if you would like to know, just ask me, I'll gladly tell you) and gave her the 5 rolls of quarters to cash in for me and she goes aways for a little bit and then comes back with a printed off receipt and says, "Okay, here is $48.06."


I'm sure I gave her a blank stare as she tried to hand me $48.06 for my 5 rolls of quarters valued at $50. I said, "Shouldn't it be $50? Why is it $48.06?"

"Oh, there were several pennies and nickels in there so it didn't add up to $50," said the lovely bank teller.

Here's the problem friends. My mom and I JUST emptied out all 5 rolls onto my family room floor just a few days ago because she was looking for the new special state quarters and there weren't any, so we nicely packaged up those rolls again for me to cash in. I know my mom pretty well, and I'm 100% positive she didn't secretly swipe a few quarters and replace them with pennies and nickels.

So I explained this very true story to the lovely bank teller and she just stared at me. So I said, "Could the machine be wrong?" (Hint hint lady, give me the rest of my money.) She said something along the lines of no, that's impossible, it sorts it and adds it up. So I said okay and walked away.

I realize it is only $1.94 that I've been shorted, which is why I didn't put up a bigger fight. It's really just the principle of the thing. She should have just said there was a $1.94 service charge!


Sarah B. said...

Her first mistake was not opening them in front of you....second mistake was after you questioned her she did not go back to the machine to "check" if anything was jammed or what not. I worked at a bank and the coin room and we would always open the rolls in front of people when it was that small in case their were washers (happened often) in between the quarters. And we also had some spare change next to the machine to throw in if the count was a little off. I don't understand bad service either but I think you are right....they need some Jesus in their heart. :)

Jess Hall said...

Amanda, she sounds like a ruuudddeeee lady!! I'm glad that you were big enough to just walk away, as I would have probably blown a lot of steam in her face!!
You can gladly give me her name, postition and location and I will make a special trip to Savannah and tell her what!! Just for messing with you xxx