Thursday, June 18, 2009

Supper Club

This is one of my most favorite things EVER!!

It's something that is near and dear to my heart and something that I look forward to every month. Supper Club started last November as an excuse to get together with my girlfriends, cook up a delicious dinner and enjoy my home with those I love. I had been wanting to start a Supper Club for quite some time....the problem was, was that I didn't have enough friends to actually call it a dinner party!

Last November, Johnny had just recently deployed the month before and I was on the hunt for new friends. Sweet, Christian girls who I could spend my time with. And then I finally got placed in a BSF group (much more on Bible Study Fellowship later!) and met Kristy and Sara and what an answer to prayer they were! So, Chelsea (remember her? The one who hooked me up with Paula Deen??!) and I decided to just pick a date and do it! She invited a few people, I invited a few people and wa-la....we have Supper Club!

So this is how it works. We now have a closed group of the 5 of us (me, chelsea, kristy, sara and shelley - my neighbor) because we didn't want it to get too big. Partly because it gets extremely costly preparing a dinner for a group and we wanted to develop close friendships with each other, not just network like I do on a weekly basis for work. We meet once a month and we rotate from house to house. That person is responsible for picking a theme/menu and preparing and serving the meal. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

My turn is coming up again on Monday night and the theme is "Swanky Summer Feast." I know, totally random, but all the good themes have already been taken! Here is the invitation I designed and sent to everyone along with the menu.

And guess what else? I'm going to use my fine china for the first time ever and I can't wait! Now believe me, Supper Club is not usually this fancy...but it's my turn to host and I can do whatever I want :)

Here are some pictures from Supper Club's in the past.

Mexican Night!

Showing off the aprons Kristy made for us....yes, she never sleeps and I usually call her a "machine."

Pizza and Pajamas! No, I am not 4 months pregnant, thank you for asking.

This was Fondue Night at Shelley's!

Oh, it is just so much fun! Now go and start a Supper Club with your friends!! You'll be glad you did!


Kristy said...

Looks like fun! So cool to find another Savannah-transplant out there :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE your invite Amanda!! I want to do a supper club now!!! If only you were here to join xxx