Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oyster Roast

In October, Johnny and I hosted an Oyster Roast at our home for friends and family to welcome Johnny back from Iraq. We had an awesome time! Johnny was able to catch up with many friends who he hasn't seen since our wedding two years ago! Thank you to everyone who made the drive to welcome him home in true Low Country fashion!

Here is the oyster table under the tents surrounded by those who eat them and those who stood and watched in amazement!

Me and my grandma

My papa

Custom Water Bottles that I threw together at the last minute

Gary, Matt, Lewis and Johnny.....proud Citadel men

With my parents

The Webb Family

The Taylor Family

Cornhole....compliments of The Smoaks :)

Round 2 with the Oysters...just a little midnight snack...totally normal

So happy to be back together with my man!


Jesspo said...

I love love love your Johnny water bottles - how cute!!! Loved the pictures... I'm so glad you two are together again!!! Will write a proper email when have some proper net access!! Ps. Can you buy Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the US?? A friend at home has some from Oz xxxx

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