Sunday, July 13, 2008

Address for Johnny!

I finally received my first letter from Johnny since our latest goodbye last weekend. He is doing very well, getting "GO's" on each task he is presented with. He is averaging about 1-2 hours of sleep each night while the remaining 22-23 hours of the day are filled with non-stop physical activity.

They began with about 450 guys starting Ranger School on the 7th and we were told they try to get the number down to about 250. The majority of those guys will be out within these first two weeks. He said 60 guys didn't make it through on Tuesday. That is CRAZY! They really are weaning out the weak to leave the best of the best! This first week is called "RAP" week and the Ranger Instructors (RI's) make it their mission to get as many guys to quit as possible. Either by physical exertion or they are known to play mental games with them testing to see if they really want to do whatever it takes for a Ranger tab. Johnny said he was able to block most of it out! He said he has high morale as long as he sets small goals for himself. Even with the non-stop activity and lack of sleep he is still able to write a few sentences on a postcard each day to me (he mails it once the card is filled up) and he said he reads his devotional book every day.

He would love mail, so if you would like to mail him a letter, please email me or leave me a comment on the blog with your email address so I can email you the address. I don't want to put it on here for security reasons.

**Keep in mind, he will only have this address for the next 12 days. After that they begin the Mountain Phase and it is in a totally different part of Georgia with a different address. I wouldn't mail anything to him past the 22nd because he probably won't get it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda & Johnny,

I love your much easier to keep up with you and Johny this way! I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and most importantly that Johnny is surving what sounds like exhaustion overload!!!

Please email me his address so I can drop him a quick note.

I miss both of you and hope to see you soon.

KT (kristie)