Friday, July 4, 2008

A Quick Hello from Ranger Webb

Hey yall. I finally get to spend a little time with my Bride again. I just finished the Pre-Ranger course on the 3rd. I have until the night of the 6th(D-Day, June 6th 1944), then I go back to the Warrior Training Center where they will give us a ride to the Ranger school at about 0230 where we will start the course. The past two weeks have been a great training aid for what is to come. It really helped me understand what I am getting into and will hopefully put me ahead of the power curve.

I have missed the heck out of Amanda, but I know she is strong and will be alright and that helps me not to worry. When we report on the morning of the 7th we start with our RPFT(Ranger Physical Fitness Test) followed by the Combat Water Survival Test. Throughout the rest of the week we will have a land navigation test, timed ruck marck and a couple other graded events we must pass in order to continue on with the course. I feel really confident going into this and look forward to getting started. It is a long course and will be tough, I just have to stay focused on what I am there for and I only have to do this once.

I can get mail while I am there so PLEASE feel free to send me a letter, you can get the address from Amanda. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, it definantly helps me get through the hard times. Take care and I will be keeping Amanda updated on what is going on throughout school.


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