Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pitiful Rock Games

Today Ranger Johnny actually begins climbing up mountains and rappelling back down them. They've spent the past 3 days learning how to tie the proper knots and hopefully everything anyone would ever want to know about belaying and rappelling. Kinda nerve wracking for me, but I'm sure he is having a blast! So, if you think of him today and tomorrow, say a little prayer for his safety.

I got a postcard over the weekend that he had written a week or 2 ago while he was still in Phase 1. He said they have a game to help them stay awake. They pass a rock around. That's all...that's the actual game. He said it sounds silly, but it does work! Want to hear something even more pitiful? He said when he gets so tired that he starts to see double when he's writing me a letter, he closes his right eye. He said, "That's how every letter goes, one eye opened, one eye closed." PITIFUL.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday!

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