Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Best Ever

I'm watching Sleepless in Seattle right of my all time favorite movies. It's a classic!!!

It's at that part right now where she's driving in her car to Walter's parents' house and is singing along to the Christmas carol's and sings, "Harses, harses, harses harses." That part always cracks me up!! I just love Meg Ryan. My other favorite part is when Walter finds her in the kitchen pantry in the middle of the night listening to "him" on the radio.

If you haven't seen are missing out! Go rent it right now. Better yet, go BUY IT because you will watch it over and over again! You will laugh, cry and think Jonah is the cutest stinkin' kid ever! And it has a happy ending - my FAVORITE kind of movie!

Have you seen it? What's your favorite part?

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Sarah B. said...

Same here... it is one of my FAVORITES. I do love it when she is in the car listening to the radio but I also love it when Sam's sister or whoever Rita Wilson's character is telling them about An Affair to Remember and than he tells a story and starts cute. And I love it makes the movie even better. :)