Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm In Love....

.....with these...

Dear Glorious, beautiful, Italian, hand-made boots,

I love you. I love all $1,164.00 (not including tax) of you. I have dreamed of you for years during my endless search for those "perfect" boots. We could do all sorts of things together, don't you know?! We could ride the motorcycle together, I can wear you with adorable little fall/winter dresses to achieve that sought after shabby chic/bohemian look I've always loved. We could go to the movies and then run to the Fresh Market afterwards to pick up some of their fresh squeezed orange juice that is beyond any other OJ I've ever had. We could ride horses together if I rode horses which I don't, but we could still do that. And even though my husband was pretty blown away by your beauty as well, I will never be able to call you my own. I realize each pair is handmade to illuminate its unique characteristics and you are beautifully worn in before I even buy you, but you are far too much money for me to spend on a new best friend pair of boots.

Your faithful admirer,

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The Bailey Clan said...

you are a trip! I love these boots too...I begged and begged Ryan to get me a pair for christmas but I got the butler bag instead, ha...I love my butler bag. But I do know I could make these boots even look better, ha, j/k! Love ya and keep in touch!