Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Samaritan

Y'all will not believe this story!

Here's some background info so you can fully appreciate this story. Sisters - I will try to keep this to a "Reader's Digest" version since I know how much you llooovvvveeee my drawn out stories, but I can't make any promises...you know how carried away I get sometimes :)

The story begins one cold December night long ago....just kidding...haha. I couldn't resist!

So anyways, I sent Johnny several boxes filled with wrapped Christmas gifts throughout the month of December. One box never made it to him. Clearly, I have been distraught about this and have truly lost faith in my local United States Postal Service. I don't care that they offer me tracking and insurance against loss or damage (read that in a very quick, mumbled voice like how the post office people say it) EVERY time I mail something, it is their job to mail things from point A to point B effectively. I had so many cute manly gifts that I knew Johnny would love in this box but because I didn't purchase the tracking or insurance against loss or damage, there was NO WAY for me to figure out where in the heck this box of goodies was.

Fast forward 5 weeks to today. :) This is where the story gets good people. Don't fall asleep on me yet.

I checked out my Myspace account this morning, not sure why, I don't really even use the thing, but low and behold I had a new friend request AND a message. This was a big day. "Patti" from Kansas wanted to be my friend. Well normally, I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know, but her message to me said, "We have your care package with Christmas gifts. Call me at __________." It was like a ransom note. You bet your butt I hit accept and then promptly emailed her about 15 times.

She said her husband's name is Johnny Webb and they just retired out of the Army 2 years ago but stayed in Kansas where he was stationed, and get this - he use to live in Georgia too. I can't make this stuff up people - this is real life. She said she has no clue how or why the package got sent to them and at first she was pretty annoyed that her husband got a box of gifts from "some woman in Georgia". haha. She said they tried finding my telephone number, but never had any luck. It was my super cute gift tags on each present that I had made with me and Johnny's wedding pictures on them that helped her find me on Myspace. Can you believe it??!! She's shipping the box back to me tomorrow morning. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The moral of this story is that if a package gets lost in the mail, you'd better pray it ends up in Patti's hands because she will find you and get it back to you! No, no no. Just kidding. I'm really just happy to know that there are still good people out there who are honest and kind. And I'm SO RELIEVED that those gifts WILL eventually make it to Johnny!

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Jess Hall said...

Amanda, that is amazing!! Good things DO happen to good people :) It's all Karma... you are such a sweetie so it was bound to come back and repay you sometime!! Love you and miss you MORE! xxx and I promise I will write you an email... each day it pops up as a reminder and I feel so guilty I haven't done it yet!!!!!