Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who Was I Kidding?!

I have a confession to make.

Last night when I got home from the gym I immediately went into the kitchen and had a delicious homemade brownie. It was literally the first thing I did when I walked into the door. It was super yummy and warm and had symphony bars in the middle of them with almonds and toffee bits....oh yeah.

So much for "craving healthy foods" after I work out. What a loser I am. I can't even remember what I wrote about my personal eating habits like 5 hours earlier. Sometimes I just amaze myself, truly. So there it is folks...the truth...for all to see. I still do like salads and I usually do want to eat healthy after the gym....I'm not a total liar. Promise. I think I'm just hormonal. Yeah, that's what it is, I'm sure of it.

If Jim from The Office was my friend and had seen me stuff my face with that chocolatey goodness (and I don't even really like chocolate!) after I had just written that "I'm a health nut and only eat lettuce after the gym" number I think this is probably the face he would've made....

Or maybe this one.....

If you watch The will appreciate these pictures!


teresa said...

I'm with Jim....hmmm

Sarah B. said...

This just means you are human. :)
I am training for a Marathon and have been putting in some long miles over the weekends. First thing I "crave" when I am finished is a Pepsi. I should drik water but do I give in and drink a nice cold Pepsi instead, you betcha!