Thursday, January 8, 2009


I just left the gym on post (aka army base) where I work out and noticed a girl I met a few weeks ago at a Christmas party also working out. Her husband is also currently deployed, but he's not in the same unit as Johnny. She had on a full face of makeup and all done-up hair and was wearing a white sports bra and spandex shorts.

That's it.

That's all she was wearing.

It's not the make-up and perfect hair that bothers me. If she wants to wear all that make-up to work out, that's just fabulous. Not me because I'm a hot mess when I work out and the last thing I want is sweaty drips of make-up falling off my face. Gross.

But anyways, it really infuriates me when women act with complete disregard and respect for their husbands....ESPECIALLY husbands who are currently deployed. I guess every couple is different, but Johnny would be furious if I pranced around a gym full of men in a white sports bra and spandex shorts....and rightfully so. I would never do that anyways, no matter how in shape I was because I have more respect for myself and definitely more respect for my husband.
I'm not perfect by any means, and all marriages are tough and take consistent work. Keeping a marriage strong during a year-long deployment is even tougher in many ways, but the least I can do is show my husband respect while he is away.


Sarah B. said...

That is a bummer...I remember that often women whose husbands were deployed would start looking for that extra attention. Even if I was single I have a hard time getting all gussied up like that...and it is dangerous. It is not fair to the men around you, especially the married men. My Mother taught me that I needed to look at what I looked like and think about how it might affect the Men around me and their thoughts. Unfortunately some women were not taught that.
And glad to see you had a good Holiday and kept busy. word verification is 'babies'..really, even this darn computer knows I have baby envy right now. Crazy!

The Bailey Clan said...

Go Girl, Go Girl.....tell it!